Genital and Oral Herpes Treatments*†


  • Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin decrease and even stop the genital and oral herpes outbreaks caused by the herpes virus (see clinical studies here, here, and here, and details below). †
  • Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are safe (see study here, here, and here, and details below). †
  • The ingredients of Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are all natural.
  • Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin come in a capsule taken orally.
  • Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin target the latent herpes virus (HSV1 and HSV2). †
  • Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin come with a 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee.
  • The Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin formula was developed by analyzing thousands of scientific studies using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Gene-Eden-VIR was launched at the end of 2009, and Novirin in 2014.
  • You can choose to take either Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin. There is no need to take both treatments at the same time.


FREE Shipping inside the United States


FREE Shipping inside the United States

Why take Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin?

Since clinical studies showed that  Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin decrease and even stop the herpes outbreaks.  The studies also showed that Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin is safer and more effective than acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir, the three leading drugs used in the treatment of genital herpes. The clinical studies were conducted by Dr. Hanan Polansky, Dr. Edan Itzkovitz, and Adrian Javaherian from the Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD). The studies were published in the medical journal Drug Design, Development and Therapy, the medical journals Clinical and Translational Medicine, and the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine.  (Click here to read a more detailed description of these studies.)  The studies are listed on Pubmed, the most selective and prestigious database of medical papers in the world. Pubmed is developed and maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), located at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Such listing indicates that the clinical studies are of high quality and can be trusted in making decisions about your health. *†

What are Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin?

Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are patented herbal treatments for herpes. Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are unique treatments developed by our own scientists.  The patented formula of both treatments includes 100 mg of a quercetin extract, 150 mg of a green tea extract, 50 mg of a cinnamon extract, 25 mg of a licorice extract, and 100 mcg of selenium.  Gene-Eden-VIR was launched at the end of 2009, and Novirin in 2014.  The difference between the two products is that Novirin has higher quality, more expensive ingredients. *†

In addition to Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin, what other treatments are available?

The three leading drugs against genital herpes are acyclovir (Zovirax), famciclovir (Famvir), and valacyclovir (Valtrex).  Acyclovir was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1984, valacyclovir in 1995, and famciclovir in 1994.  All drugs are used in both episodic and suppressive treatment of the disease. In episodic treatment the patient administers the drug during outbreaks.  The main objective of episodic treatment is to decrease the duration of the outbreaks, that is, the time it takes the sores to heal.  Clinical studies showed that episodic treatment with these drugs decease the time it takes a sore to heal by 1–2 days.  In suppressive treatment the patients take the drugs daily, that is, even when there are no outbreaks.   The most common objective of suppressive treatment is to decrease the number of outbreaks.  Clinical studies showed that suppressive treatment with these drugs for a period of 4-12 months decreases the number of outbreaks such that about 50% of the patients have no outbreaks during the treatment, and the other 50% have a 70%–80% decrease in the number of their outbreaks. *†

What is genital herpes?

There are two types of viruses which cause herpes, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Both viruses are spread through direct contact with an infected person, and cause sores on the body. HSV-1 typically causes cold sores and blisters around the mouth area, while HSV-2 causes outbreaks in the genital area.  However, HSV-1 can also cause outbreaks in the genital area, and HSV-2 can cause blisters around the mouth area. *†

How did I get infected with genital herpes?

Genital herpes is a contagious disease that spreads by contact with an infected person. HSV-1 is generally caused by casual interactions, like eating from the same utensils, sharing lip balm, or kissing. HSV-2 is sexually transmitted, and is mainly spread through vaginal and anal sex.

HSV-1 can be transmitted even when the infected person isn’t experiencing any symptoms. 30-95% of adults test positive for HSV-1, although many never experience an outbreak.

HSV-2 is most contagious when an infected person is experiencing an outbreak. Around 20% of sexually active adults in the United States are estimated to have HSV-2. *†

How do I know if I have genital herpes?

Although someone can become infected with the herpes virus and have no visible symptoms, common signs of the onset of the disease include blistering sores (in the mouth or on the genitals), pain during urination, vaginal discharge, and a general feeling of being unwell (similar to flu-symptoms.)

Symptoms of recurring infections include painful red blisters that burst and leave sores around the lips, mouth, genitals, rectum, buttocks, and thighs.

Herpes sores can also occur in the eyes and cause eye pain, discharge, and a gritty feeling in the eyes. *†

Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin has been on the market for more than 8 years. 
Thousands of people around the world take Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin daily.